I was recently asked to be guest blogger for a new Adelaide website solely devoted to aging and the mature woman. It investigates into the real lives of women about whether they feel more invisible as they age. It also explores how we feel in our personal style, what we love to wear and how we choose to express that.

As a stylist and image consultant, and having just celebrated my 50th birthday the website owners were very interested to hear my thoughts on this topic!



1. Lizzy, what are you currently wearing for spring?

Sunglasses…a pair that I purchased from the lovely Ashlee Graham who has her own label & pop-up-store in Adelaide Central Plaza. I love them & they suit me perfectly. Tortoiseshell in a curved design.

Jacket…a caramel over sized winter wool jacket that my daughter found for us both on line last winter. It goes with my whole entire winter wardrobe & one of my best neutrals!

Top…I’m living in my mustard long line cardi from Sportsgirl. It’s warm but not too warm with only 15% wool. It’s versatile & will work with my spring wardrobe also – exciting!

Pants…my dark denim boyfriend ripped jeans – love love love!!

Dress…my daughter & I found a gorgeous off white wool knit dress from Country Road for about a 1/3 of the price. It’s comfy & classy & looks great with my Metalicus chocolate brown wool tights, Jo Mercer ankle boots & a scarf done in a bow tie at the neckline.

Shoes…definitely my ‘to-die-for’ leopard print leather stilettos from Target. They go with half my winter wardrobe and are so so classy – in love!

Handbag…I’m enjoying a few different bags at the moment as I love every bag I own. Probably a newish Sportsgirl off white clutch with cute tassels on one end. It’s amazing how much I can fit in it & it goes with everything being the perfect neutral.


2. Lizzy, what is the most daring/exciting thing you’ve ever worn?

I’m a relaxed/dramatic personality style, therefore, anything I’ve worn/wear wouldn’t be considered too ‘daring’. I’m crazy about jumpsuits so feel they are the most exciting item I’ve worn & still love to wear as often as I can!

3. Does the way you dress reflect your personality – how you’re feeling?

Always!! After a perfect fitting bra & correct colour application dressing according to who I am is the next ‘port of call’. This is very important for great utilization of my wardrobe items. It also helps me to value them even more, & I’m more likely to thrash them!!

4. Do you ever lie about your age?

Never!! It’s going to happen like it or not.

I’m proud & excited about turning 50 this month – I want to be an example of ‘Fifty and Feeling Fab’!! Life’s good and I’m comfortable about who I am at this stage!

5. Do you see any evidence as you get older you become less visible as a woman?

Fortunately, I can’t say I have…I’m glad about that, it’s a sad thought really. But 50 is the new 40 right!! I’m very aware that we belong in a culture where youth is worshipped and valued above wisdom & experience. I think keeping fit, healthy & dressing well contribute to a more youthful appearance. I’m also a big kid & laugh a lot – I think that keeps me younger to. I also find it interesting that men in general & younger men are not bothered in the least about a woman’s age. I really do think we worry more about this issue than men even notice!! No, I think more than ever I feel mostly ‘visible’ rather than invisible.


More on the ‘visible woman’ next post.


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