The inverted triangle is probably the least common body shape of all the seven shapes I work with. The significant broad shoulder line in comparison to the hips is the distinct give away! The waist of an inverted triangle is usually very straight and without definition. This is where the ‘H’ shape principles can be applied – bypassing the waist area altogether making it boring and clutter free. The goal is to soften the broad shoulder line while creating balance with the narrow hip line.

'V' shape

Elle McPherson is a good example of the ‘V’ shape.

  1. Choose bathers that have nice large straps to disguise the wide larger shoulders. If the straps are too narrow this will emphasis the shoulders making them look bigger and wider – it works like an optical illusion. A halter neck is idea for softening the broader shoulders!

  2. Do a dark receding colour at the top and brighter more bolder colours on the bottom half to bring visual balance to your shape.

  3. Horizontal stripes on the bottom half is a great way to appear wider than you are at the hip line – doing a wide stripe is even better & this will help create some curves for you.

  4. Make sure your bather top has minimal detail to avoid enlarging it & bringing too much attention – go crazy at the bottom half with as much drama as you like creating more focal points there. Large patterns/prints are fab! Don’t forget a supportive under wire bather top if you’re large busted.

  5. Inverted triangles are often the owners of a flat shape bottom – this is a good opportunity also to bring lots of detail and volume to your bather bottoms. Thick shiny fabric is a great idea here!

  6. If you like to cover up while walking around in your bathers, find an A-line sarong or maxi skirt which will give lovely balance to your shoulders creating more of an ‘X’ shape.

  7. A one piece suit with minimal detail or ruching at the waist and mid-section will hide and disguise any lack of waist.  

  8. 'V' shapeEM 2
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