Plus size shopping

So here we are again at the beginning of another new year! This also means ‘sale time’ at the stores – for better or worse I might add! I actually got to spend the day in town on Boxing day – very interesting to say the least for someone that shops for a living for other people.

If the crowds of people were not overwhelming enough the line ups for changing rooms was another thing all together! But that’s boxing day in the Mall for you!! This would also indicate that a large majority of people were not actually trying on potentially new items in order to avoid waiting half the day for a fitting room. Trying intended purchases on is one of the most important factors to a successful and happy shopping experience. Sadly, this could mean a lot of unnecessary and unloved clothing/accessory pieces going into wardrobes across Adelaide. People don’t realise or simply forget that this can indeed hinder wardrobe confidence and add greater wardrobe frustration.

Plus size shopping

If you do intend to buy more clothing and or accessories at the January sales, be sure to at least consider my list of important steps!

1. Colour: If the colour is not allowing you to look your radiant best, the outfit will lack the wow factor that the colour would offer.!

2. Personality: If the item you’re considering is reflecting back at you something you’re not, you’ll probably never wear it. It’s important to feel fantastic in your clothes and have them say something positive about who you are!

3. The fit: Look carefully and critically at how the clothes you’re wanting to buy are actually sitting on you. A bargain/cheap dress, jumper or shirt that fits you really well will look more expensive and look as though it’s been made especially for you. Cost can be irrelevant when it comes to correct fit.

4. Mix & Match: Have a good think about how you will add this new sale item into your wardrobe. Will it bring satisfaction, purpose and versatility? Try and choose pieces that blend and compliment with at least 2-3 other things in your wardrobe.

5. Classic, trend or fad: Question whether your potential purchase is likely to date quickly. If you think it would definitely buy cheap. Buying something that is classic or a trend will give you more mileage in the short and long term, therefore an investment in your wardrobe.

6. Lastly, ask yourself if you really need, love and can afford the item you’re holding, and most importantly will it improve your wardrobe/life?

Plus size shopping

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