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On October 11th 2015 I got to share for the second time my holiday packing and travel tips at the Phil Hoffmann travel expo  I’ve written on this topic before but with summer fast approaching some may be already planning a trip. Here are some more great tips to share with you to possibly make preparing for your next holiday a little easier.

Pretty obvious but please do check the weather. This will make it a tone easier to plan and pack your clothing attire.

The next most important chore is that you make a list of the things you need to take. Go a little further and make two lists – one for essentials and one for desirables. Now get realistic about the desired items and only pack what is absolutely necessary. Try to remember what you took last holiday that was not utilized and perhaps leave those things behind. Also keep in mind you’ll want to leave some room to bring new bits and pieces home.

Take a small first aid kit, it’s one of those wise and handy things to take just in case!

All of your creams and liquids such as skin care, perfume, shampoo and conditioner will need to be placed into 100ml plastic bottles. And some airlines require these items to be placed into a transparent resealable bag which can be purchased at the airport.

To save space perhaps consider buying all of these personal items at your destination – they’d be available for purchase anywhere in the world except perhaps the middle of the desert!

A name tag on your suitcase is obviously a good idea but also tie a brightly coloured ribbon on top of your case so it stands out from everybody else’s grey or black case.

Although loosing your suitcase would be a rarity, place all of your most valuable belongings in your carry on bag, you’re less likely to ever loose them this way.

Place your most important things at the top of your carry on bag as this saves frustration when you’re looking for that urgently needed pass port, jacket, or purse. Using a strong backpack for your carry on bag is useful also as it allows for your hands to be free when wheeling your suitcase.

Don’t forget to pack a mini wardrobe in your carry on bag so you can keep fresh on long haul flights. A rolled up cami/t-shirt/shirt, socks, under pants, scarf and cardi/jacket for example. This can also tie you over for a day or two if your suitcase goes astray.

Pack your suitcase just like you would have your wardrobe – pants with pants, shirts with shirts etc. This way you know exactly where every item is place if you have to get to it quickly.

Rolling every clothing item seems to be the quickest and best method while creases are also kept to a minimum. But to be sure pack those fabrics that won’t need ironing: such as knits, merino wool, jersey, chiffon, viscose & fine cottons, these also dry quickly after washing!

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