Dear Lizzy,

I love your column and all your tips but with summer officially about to hit I’m in need of some new bathers. I have no idea where to start and shopping for bathers always leaves me exhausted and overwhelmed. I’m middle aged, 5’5 tall, and going by your body shape descriptions I’m an ‘A’ shape with wide hips and narrow shoulders. My torso is longer than my lower body and I’m quite small busted with a smallish waist – this is my best asset! I’m a size 14 at the bottom and a 10-12 up top and this is why I think I have so many issues finding bathers and sometimes clothes to fit me. Some tips on this topic would be great thanks Lizzy.


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Yes indeed, the ‘A’ shape can be a bit tricky to fit due to the significant difference between the horizontal proportions – narrow shoulders and wider hips. The ‘A’ often needs to buy 1-2 sizes smaller at the top than the bottom, and then have clothing adjusted to fit the smaller waistline. The ‘A’ shape person can also feel very conscious about the larger lower body and desires to hide or minimise it as much as possible.

Bathers will be easier than clothes to fit due to great fabric choices that will stretch and mould to your shape.

Bather tips for the ‘A’ shape…

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1. To create great balance with the wider hip line you will need a good padded bather top to enhance your smaller bust. Apply horizontal lines, frills, flounces, gathers, large patterns, light advancing colours, and a slightly larger bather top that covers all of your breast tissue to enhance your bust.

2. A tankini can work better than a one piece for someone with a long torso and at the same time give great cover. Colour block with a light coloured top and a dark coloured bottom as this will emphasis the smaller waist in between the two colours.

3. Always opt for dark solid receding hues/shades for your lower body with minimal or no detail. Get something in either your eye or hair colour to bring the focus to your face.

4. Wearing a high waisted bikini with high cut legs will help to lengthen your legs and offer better vertical proportion balance with the longer torso.

5. A skirted style suit can help to hide the fuller hip and bottom area giving you fabulous cover and modesty. Shorts or a boy leg are other great options if you’re really worried about the lower body area.

6. A 60’s retro high waisted style is worth trying on also and will look great placed at your small waist which will highlight it beautifully. This style will however shorten your legs slightly but can offer great cover at the same time.

7. Chunky jewellery with swimwear is huge this season – wear a matching necklace to your swimsuit and bring the focus to your lovely face.

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