January Sales

According to Roy Morgan’s annual Christmas retail sales forecasts conducted in conjunction with the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) indicate Aussie’s will spend up to $51.5 billion across retail stores during the Christmas trading period – that would be... read more

The ‘O’ Shape Explained

I’ve discussed over the past several posts four of the seven different body shapes, the ‘8’, ‘X’, ‘ I ‘ & ‘H’. This fortnight we focus on the gorgeous ‘O’ shape. This shape belongs to the lovely... read more

The ‘H’ Shape Explained

This post we’re studying the ‘H’ shape – the wider (through the torso) version of the lovely ‘ I ‘ which I covered last fortnight. The ‘H’ shape person is usually larger boned than the ‘I’ shape. But like the... read more

The ‘I’ Shape Body Explained

Over the last couple of posts I’ve covered two of the common body shapes – the curvy ‘8’ and the ‘X’ silhouettes. In this post I’m discussing the ‘ I ‘ shape – this would generally be the most slender of the seven... read more

The ‘8’ Shaped Body Explained

The curvy and feminine ‘8’ shape is considered the ideal shape or silhouette! The ‘8’ shape is one of two version of the hourglass, however, there are distinct differences between this and the ‘X’ shape which I covered last... read more

The ‘X’ Shaped Body Explained…

  I haven’t discussed the seven body shapes, the guidelines and principles surrounding them for several years now. While there’s much emphasis and focus on body shapes in the world of fashion, I believe, as a stylist there are other important factors.... read more


The chances of needing glasses by the time you are forty are fairly high. Our eyes lose their ability to zoom, hence the squinting and blinking to try and read smaller print. Our eyes deteriorate throughout our forties and slow down after fifty. This is why we need to... read more

Spring Is Finally Here – trends!

Last post I touched briefly on what trends to look out for for spring. As I mentioned it’s the emergence of exciting and unconventional trends for 2018 – think colour, comfort and anything that looks and feels like fun – I love the sound of that. And... read more

Two More Tips For the Muffin Top

  For the past two fortnights, I covered some great tips on how to minimise and cover up the muffin top. For many women this happens to be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to getting clothes to fit well and nicely. The fabulous options I discussed for... read more

Muffin Top Cover Up Part 2

Last post I discussed a challenging dressing dilemma from someone who loves to read my column. Kerry shared the following issue with us…”my problem is my love handles or muffin top. It gets me down a bit and I never feel like I look great in my clothes... read more

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