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Stylish 2


Almost everyday clients and customers will express to me their desire to look more stylish, or look better than they already do. So how does one do that? It’s like every area in life – effort, or at least some, and as Vivienne Westwood once said…

”I’m attracted to people who make this effort in knowing what suits them – they are individual and stylish”.

I’ve come up with ten habits or traits I believe and have observed as an image consultant that women do to look stylish all the time! These are wonderful habits they seem to apply with ease and confidence. They can however, be learnt or taught – I see this in my own clients as they evolve over time.


Here are my first five…

1. They never compare themselves to others…

Stylish women are completely oblivious to the idea that others may look ‘better’ than themselves. They’re well accustomed to knowing they look and feel fantastic in all of their clothing and outfits. And when someone else is dressed very well they’re more likely to be inspired rather than compare themselves.

2. They follow good sound style principles because they work…

Stylish women are conscious and very good at applying the necessary styling principles that assist them to dress well. Whether it’s understanding line and design of clothing, correct colour application, proper use of accessories or proportions these women do much of this very well, hence, the outfits they live in work perfectly on and for them.

3. Stylish women are confident in how they dress and are totally comfortable in their own skin…

These women walk gracefully with their heads held high in all of their garments because they feel fabulous in them – which of course is just as important as looking fab. This is despite their size, height, shape, age or level of attractiveness.

4. Stylish women update their outfits as often as they need…

This woman will consciously and carefully update her wardrobe items every season or as she sees fit. You won’t tend to find her buying haphazardly in the shops every week. She is completely sure of what she’s bought, will wear it often and without doubt or question.

5. Stylish women are not afraid to try something different…

Despite age or lifestyle very stylish women will get out of their clothing comfort zone by trying something new. They seem to enjoy the challenge and feel invigorated when they do this from time to time. They maintain that excellent balance of who they are while applying something different, edgy or new that they’ll ‘rock’ very well.

Stylish 2

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